May 26, 2024

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European Commission: vaccination certificate valid for nine months for those wishing to travel within the European Union |  Corona virus what you need to know

European Commission: vaccination certificate valid for nine months for those wishing to travel within the European Union | Corona virus what you need to know

All EU member states must accept their citizens’ nine-month vaccination certificates if they wish to travel within Europe. The European Commission decided this in an update of the rules for the digital corona certificate.

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The nine-month period – 270 days to be exact – begins after the completion of the first vaccination cycle. Thus it takes into account the recommendations of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), which advises all vaccines not to receive a booster dose more than six months after the first vaccination cycle. The extra three months should give them a chance to effectively get that shot.

The fact that the vaccination certificate is valid for only nine months should help boost campaigns in member states. There are currently no proposed rules about the validity of the certification of those who have received such a booster injection. For the simple reason that there is still insufficient data about how long the booster shot provides protection.

The commission’s decision is in line with its proposals at the end of November. It also suggested a nine-month validity period for vaccination certificates. Member states have not yet been able to reach agreement on the full package of harmonized travel conditions after four weeks, but at their European summit last Thursday, heads of state or government noted that the commission, through what is called an authorization act, is on the vaccination certificate. So it happened on Tuesday.

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The rule will go into effect on February 1, unless a qualified majority of member states or a simple majority of MEPs object. But the Commission is confident that will not happen.

An ongoing success story

The vaccination certificate is one of the three forms of the Corona Digital Certificate, which allows free travel in the European Union during the full Corona crisis. European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders wants to continue the “success story” of the testimony.

“For this it must adapt to changing conditions and new knowledge. Unilateral measures in member states will take us back to the fragmentation and uncertainty of last spring. The nine-month period for accepting vaccination certificates provides citizens and businesses with certainty that they need to plan their trips with confidence,” says the Belgian.

according to Press release from the European Commission 807 million European certificates for Corona have already been issued. A total of sixty countries, spread over five continents, are part of the global standard.

So the Commission once again emphasizes that member states must harmonize their travel conditions, but at the same time says they are free to present a national Corona Card derived from the European certificate, such as the Belgian Covid Safe Ticket (CST).

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Therefore, the new rules for accepting a certificate of vaccination relate only to the free movement of people in the European Union. The scope of the corona passage and all associated conditions remain a national jurisdiction.