May 26, 2024

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Eutelsat increases its stake in Oneweb

Eutelsat increases its stake in Oneweb

French satellite communications company Eutelsat is offering 140 million euros to expand its stake in Oneweb.

The importance of providing broadband Internet from space grow From 17.6 to 22.9 per cent. The parties announced this yesterday. The French are exercising an option they negotiated in a previous investment round.

Just like the Americans starlink Builds and web To a network node in space sends Internet signals back to Earth. English seeks for 648 Satellites in orbit around the Earth. Americans to the repercussions of it. Oneweb is halfway there and is expected to be in commercial operation by the end of 2021.

Oneweb Marketplace provides Starlink to end users.

England made last month its national space strategy known for years to come. And Oneweb plays an important role in this, because the government will give the satellite company the company by the end of 2020. Saved from bankruptcy With a big investment.

satellite from Eutelsat It is mainly used to distribute European radio and television channels, but also provides narrowband and broadband Internet.

Behind the scenes, a battle is underway to cut the costs of space launches. SpaceX is far ahead of competitors such as ULA, Rocket Lab and Arianespace.

Photo: Timo Newton Sims (Copy)

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