April 17, 2024

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Ex-Red Devil wonders about Anderlecht: 'The problem is Remer' – Football News

Ex-Red Devil wonders about Anderlecht: 'The problem is Remer' – Football News

Anderlecht managed to beat Charleroi 1-3 on Sunday. Despite his second place in the world rankings, Brian Rimmer is still criticized.

Brian Riemer's selections were discussed on RTBF La Tribunne. According to former professional footballer Noureddine Jabbari, his use of Jari Verschauren, who is currently experiencing difficulties, causes problems.

“The problem is Remer. He's not managing the competition well. Verschaeren definitely needs to play, but he's just come back from injury. So, yes, he needs to play, but he also needs to rest to get back to his level. He's the best player,” said Jabbari, who has two caps for the Devils. Reds.

According to Noureddine Jabbari, Theo Leoni should play instead of Ritts. Philip Albert has the same opinion. “Verschaeren has the quality to make a difference in individual action. Anderlecht can't afford to play with defensive midfielders like Leoni and Rits. So I see a midfield with Leoni, Struijkens and Verschaeren.”

The last word goes to Jabbari, who also questions the choices Rimmer still has to make. “Can Remer handle the competition as a striker? I'm not sure, given how he handles it in midfield. What he's doing with Vazquez and Dolberg is dangerous.”

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