December 8, 2022

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Ex-Ukrainian president tells how the West can defeat Putin: 'He is deeply disturbed by international solidarity' |  abroad

Ex-Ukrainian president tells how the West can defeat Putin: ‘He is deeply disturbed by international solidarity’ | abroad

According to Viktor Yushchenko, the former president of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “completely isolated and brutal tyrant who cannot tolerate any form of opposition.” In an opinion piece in the British newspaper “The Guardian”, the former president wrote that the Putin with whom he was dealing “no longer exists”. Yushchenko believes, however, that the West can outsmart the Russian president. It seems that “winning is the only option”.

Yushchenko, who served as President of Ukraine from 2005 to 2010, emphasized that his country currently had to resist a “ruthless army” led by a person turned “dictator”. My own experience with Putin goes back to 2000, when we were prime ministers of our two countries. Only in 2004, when I ran for president of Ukraine, Putin launched an active campaign against me, ”said Yushchenko.

But the Putin I had to deal with is no longer there. He had become a completely aloof and brutal despot who would not tolerate any form of dissent. Yushchenko openly denounces the president’s cruel actions.


One of the best weapons we have against Putin is international solidarity and support. This is something that really annoys him.

Viktor Yushchenko, former president of Ukraine


According to Yushchenko, there are three areas in which the West can defeat Putin. The former president says that international solidarity and mutual support between Western countries and Ukraine is something that greatly annoys Putin. “That’s one of the best weapons we have against him right now,” it seems. Yushchenko also called on the world to “not get tired” and not lose sight of the horror of war. “Our people in Ukraine cannot get tired (…). Our strength is now more important than ever.”

File photo of Yushchenko and Putin, February 1, 2005. © Photo News

Weapons and Military Support

The former Ukrainian president also emphasized that the provision of arms and military support is also an important issue. “This is not just a regional conflict between Ukraine and Russia, but a fight against tyranny and imperialism. Our army still needs weapons and military support from all our allies. And we need financial support to fill the gaps left by this war in our formerly powerful economy.”

Finally, according to Yushchenko, volunteers should continue to provide the Ukrainian army with protective equipment. “They need that to keep fighting on the front lines.”

The former president strongly believes in the victory of the Ukrainian armed forces. I strongly believe that the victory of Ukraine is inevitable. When ordinary Ukrainians give up everything to fight for their freedom and dignity, winning is the only option.”

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