March 4, 2024

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Uitgerekend Ruud Vormer schiet Club Brugge met twee doelpunten naar de zege tegen KV Kortrijk

Exactly Rod Former hits Club Brugge with two goals…

And suddenly it was 2016. Rod Former scored two goals for Brugge in a match against KV Kortrijk, which was already in the fold at halftime. Jan Bridel reserved the standing ovation for Jose Izquierdo. Two months earlier than expected, the Colombian wayward son treated the Bruges crowd with some quick hip moves.

While KV Kortrijk goalkeeper Marko Ilic needed attention, applause rose from the Bruges stands. François Stirchill remains unforgotten in Jean Bridel. But in the corner of the south runway, applause suddenly swelled to jubilant cheers. In the 23rd minute, Jose Izquierdo started to warm up.

The Colombian Golden Boot last played at Olympia on July 26, 2017. He spent more than four years in England, off more than half the time with a serious knee injury. Izquierdo was written off by Brighton this summer, and he took his last chance to become a top footballer once again. As a free player, he signed a performance oriented contract with Club Brugge.

Photo: BELGA

The first sign that Philippe Clement had plans for Izquierdo was when he included him in the official squad for the Champions League. Among other things at the expense of such a defender as Matej Mitrovic was Izquierdo. Until then, Clement had put his offensive intentions on the table.

Yesterday he was in the center of the competition for the first time – much earlier than expected. He never came out as the nineteenth or twentieth man, but was allowed to get a taste of football competitions for the first time. Also during the second half, the crowd chanted his name as he ran along the sidelines.

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At the time, the club had a comfortable 2-0 lead against KV Kortrijk. Rod Former – was in the starting line-up for the first time since 10 September – fired the opening goal over the wall past goalkeeper Ilic. Free kick from the book, which the Dutch captain patented.

Exactly Rod Former hits Club Brugge to beat KV Kortrijk with two goals
Photo: BELGA

Shortly before the end of the first half, the score fell 2-0. Alexander Radovanovic and Trent Sainsbury let their man go, Noah Lang Former served for his second game of the evening. KV Kortrijk offered little in return. Bab Ghai could not be reached, and Fayez Soleimani and Matthias Weksels were not assigned to their position. Karim Belhoucine fancied further his return through the big gate at KV Kortrijk.

At the beginning of the second half, Jay missed the opportunity to score the goal. Dewaele stepped forward tightly, and Gueye saw that his attempt was overtaken. Substitutes Badamosi and Overgaard were also unable to continue with the Beacons.

Energy saving mode

The club was already in saving mode before Manchester City arrived, this Tuesday, to play. Kleimann made a three-way substitution and pulled Hans Vanaken, Charles de Kettlery and Vitot Mossa to the side. The latter performed much better in his second turn for the club than the first time in Charleroi. Then he played a more offensive role, and now he seems to be pulling his strings better as an attacking left-back.

But only entering the last quarter did the stadium receive another boost in capacity. Jose Izquierdo took off his training and put on the competition shirt. For the first time since April 24, and a short-lived replacement for Brighton, he has been allowed to call himself a footballer again. Then it was a kind of farewell gift from the Premier League. Izquierdo is now standing in front of the big gate again.

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On his first contact with the ball – recovering from Kevin Vanendreich – there was immediate cheers. The first pass to KV Kortrijk’s feet disappeared. A little later he put two men in the wind with Zidane’s move.

Exactly Rod Former hits Club Brugge to beat KV Kortrijk with two goals
Photo: BELGA

For KV Kortrijk, substitute Dylan Mbaye missed two big chances. The guys never won the Club and they didn’t even come close this time either.

Just as after the previous international break – and then the 3-0 win over KV Oostende – Club Brugge is in perfect preparation for the Champions League. Then the score was 0-0 against Paris Saint-Germain. Philip Clement is already signing for the same score against Manchester City.