April 16, 2024

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“Extra pressure on care in Utrecht due to influenza, but acute emergency care is not at risk”

“Extra pressure on care in Utrecht due to influenza, but acute emergency care is not at risk”

Hospitals, general practitioners and nursing homes in Utrecht are dealing with more flu patients and absentee staff, reports UMC Utrecht. There has been an official flu epidemic in the Netherlands since December 21st. More sick patients and staff can lead to longer waiting times for patients. On the other hand, acute emergency care in Utrecht is still “guaranteed”, says UMC Utrecht.

During Corona, the flu virus had no chance to spread, but now it has been given that space free from Corona measures. It is not only the influenza virus that causes additional stress in healthcare. There are also viruses that cause respiratory complaints, such as the RS virus, Corona Virus and rhinovirus.

According to Utrecht Hospital, seventy people out of every 100,000 Dutch people reported flu-like symptoms to their GP at the end of last year. There are also more patients isolated in nursing and care homes and hospitals.

Get a flu shot

Anyone who made a call is asked to come in for a flu shot. “We ask our health care workers and patients who have been invited by a health care provider (still) to get the flu vaccine,” says Nicollette Rijter, director of public health for the Utrecht region.

According to UMC Utrecht, more people over 65 are now suffering from pneumonia. The RS virus is more common in young children than before Corona. But the Utrecht region can still handle this sponsorship very well.

UMC Utrecht writes: “Last week, the Dutch Pediatric Association (NVK) drew the attention of pediatricians to the possibility of a supraregional distribution of children”. “It is not necessary at this time.”

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