June 17, 2024

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Facebook Doesn't Remove Some Hate Posts: Moderators Don't Speak All Languages ​​|  Abroad

Facebook Doesn’t Remove Some Hate Posts: Moderators Don’t Speak All Languages ​​| Abroad

Facebook researchers report that disinformation and hate messages are often not removed because the company does not hire moderators who speak the language. This could pose potential risks in politically unstable countries, reports CNN news channel, which was able to view the internal documents.

In many countries that Facebook describes as “unstable,” multiple languages ​​and dialects are spoken. India, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Iraq are some examples of this. The company employs many brokers, yet a good deal of hate mail and misinformation elude them. This is due to the fact that not every language or dialect has a mediator.

Although the social media platform is available in more than 100 languages, Facebook does not hire moderators for each language. In addition, there are also problems with translations on the platform. The survey found that people in Afghanistan often cannot report everything, as not all categories under which hate messages can be classified have been translated into the local Pashto language. This appeared in January of this year, several months before the Taliban took control of the country.

India has the largest share of Facebook with 400 million users. However, reports showed that Facebook failed to keep all hate messages and disinformation in the country offline. The huge shortage of Hindi and Bengali speakers on Facebook means that many hate messages are creeping through the network here as well. In addition, there is also a huge shortage of Arabic-speaking people on Facebook. Arabic has different forms, for example, Moroccan Arabic is completely different from Syrian Arabic, however Facebook often falls short when it comes to these variants.

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9 billion profit

Facebook has invested a total of $13 billion since 2016 to increase the platform’s security. To put it in perspective, the company has annual sales of $85 billion. “Artificial intelligence takes time to help look for incorrect information. Translating everything on the site also takes time,” said Evelyn Dweck, who studies the regulation of hate messages online. “But instead of arranging this before the whole world uses the platform, they have to Usually arrange everything after that, once the problems are already there.” In addition, Dweck also mentioned that Facebook invests very little in countries where it is most needed.

Facebook has been quite frequent in the media in recent weeks. Not only did the company have to deal with a major outage, but a lot of suspicious cases were also raised by whistleblower Frances Hogan. In addition, it now appears that the company still has to go to great lengths to remove hate messages in all languages ​​from the platform. Whether these things undermine the company’s profits is questionable. In a report also released today, it was revealed that Facebook has generated $9 billion in profits in the past three months.