May 26, 2024

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Fans were shocked by Schwarzenegger's former character: "What did she do to herself?"

Fans were shocked by Schwarzenegger’s former character: “What did she do to herself?”

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Pictures of Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-husband, are stirring up a lot of tongues on the internet. After the Kennedy scion hoped to enjoy a sunny, carefree stroll through the streets of Los Angeles, her fans (and critics) couldn’t stop talking about how she did it.

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For the 66-year-old woman, it seems that there is no cloud in the sky. Shriver, who was dressed in casual leggings and a simple T-shirt, tried to get some fresh air. Soon after her walk, her appearance caused quite a stir on Twitter.

“What did Maria Shriver do to her face? Terrible,” one Twitter user wrote. Another says in disbelief that “someone should edit that photo”. It’s raining reactions from people who seem totally blown away by Shriver’s appearance. “Not being rude, but why does Maria Shriver look like a Klingon?” One wonders, referring to a foreigner from Star Trek. “It’s sad that women do it themselves. It never looks good when they mess with their faces. Never,” replied another.

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Shriver doesn’t seem to care about anything. It was not for nothing that she decided to leave makeup on that day and walk out with pride knowing that the paparazzi were lurking everywhere. Kennedy’s descendant more than once indicated that he has no problems with aging.

Don’t be afraid of getting old

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I recently wrote in an article for Opera Daily She looks to the future with “hope and joy” and has not mourned the so-called lost youth for some time. “We need to rethink our view of aging — how to ‘improve’ ourselves or do everything we can to look like we did in our twenties and thirties,” she says. “It makes many of us completely dread getting older. But that doesn’t have to be the case. I made it my mission to rewrite that vision into how you experience it.”

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2002.

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2002. © AP

And while this attitude is commendable and may be admirable by some to portray yourself as a character in this way, the question arises: is Shriver really content with old age? Or does this photo show that she tried to do everything in her power to preserve her youth as long as possible? “I’ll just keep my wrinkles on. One Twitter user concludes that this looks like plastic surgery went wrong.