May 24, 2024

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Fierce war with Hungary, Brussels. Orban: “Unprecedented attack, we don’t want LGBTQ lobbying in our schools”

After the completion of the vote on the law entitled Campaign Lgbtq, Conflict between Hungary e European union On the topic of rights. This is confirmed by the Prime Minister’s latest document Victor Orban Dictates the line. In the speech – spread on Twitter by the Hungarian Minister of Justice Judith Varga – As mentioned European Commission, Relying on a different approach to the topic of LGBTQ, a Abuse of power Against Hungary. According to Budapest, “the government has suffered Unprecedented attack, Because of security Children And Families It is ours Priority And, in this regard, we do not want Lobby Lgbtq Join us Schools e Natural“.

Already in early July, there was the European Commission Suspended Procedures forApproval Of Hungarian National Program ‘S access to money Redemption Fund, Explains that he does not have Adequate guarantees Good use of Budapest government funds.

A week ago, Orban announced this via a video on Facebook Calls for a referendum On top of that Rule That Location The Promoting homosexuality Against Children. The European Commission has begun a process Violation, Defined by Orban himself “Legal robbery“According to the Prime Minister of Hungary, in fact, Brussels has no merit in this matter, but” wants to force us to enter schools. Lgbtq activists, The educational specialization of children in sexual matters parents”.

Following the announcement of the referendum 30 million They got off In the square A Q Pride To express dissent against homosexuality carried out by the Prime Minister.

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