December 4, 2022

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Fifth least corona patients in intensive care

Fifth least corona patients in intensive care

There are now 177 coronavirus patients in intensive care, nearly a fifth less than the previous week. This is evident from the online dashboard of the Sciensano Health Institute on Saturday. However, the number of hospitalizations is slightly increasing.


In the past seven days, an average of 145 patients were hospitalized per day due to COVID-19 (+9 percent). There are now 1,933 patients in hospital due to and due to COVID-19. This is 6 percent less than the previous week.

The number of corona infections in the last seven days for which consolidated data is available, as of March 8, has increased by nearly a quarter compared to the previous week. And 7,250 people tested positive during that period. In the same period, there were -4 percent less testing, or 34,000. This brings the positivity rate to 23 percent (+4.1 percent). Every day, an average of 18 patients with corona die (-14 percent).

The reproduction number, a measure of how widespread the virus is, currently stands at 1.02 (+15 percent). A number above “1” means that the epidemic is spreading. The Omikron BA.2 variant now accounts for 57.6 percent (+12 percent) of infections.

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