April 21, 2024

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FilmClub The Movies kicks off a new season with The Last Days of Gilda - DordtCentraal

FilmClub The Movies kicks off a new season with The Last Days of Gilda – DordtCentraal

DORDRECHT – The Dordrecht FilmClub The Movies will be running again and the new seventh season will begin on the evening of Monday 13th September, with The Last Days of Gilda directed by Gustavo Pizzi.

FilmClub The Movies Dordrecht offers a private movie night 6 or 7 times a year. The more than 250 registered Members receive information by email and can make a reservation. On movie night, visitors can watch a movie from the rich selection of high-quality movies at the premiere. By the way, membership is not necessary and the film is accessible to everyone. The film was selected by the five-person organization FilmClub and is in the hands of founder Hanne de Jong, Simon Bunke, Diane van Grossen, Ben van der Waal and Helma Zuk.

In The Last Days of Gilda we see Gilda, a free woman, quite literally. She has excellent cooking skills, raises pigs and chickens in her backyard for slaughter, and creates recipes that fascinate her friends, family and lovers. To her devout, narrow-minded neighbors, this self-confident, independent woman who butchers pigs in her yard and has more than one lover becomes an eye-catcher and a lot of gossip. She usually doesn’t care, but the situation changes when she has to deal with Cacilda. She is a supporter of the reactionary Christian priest Izias, who appears to be gaining more and more influence in the neighbourhood. There is no place for Gildas in their world.

The FilmClub evening at Cinema The Movies, Nieuwstraat 60-62 in Dordrecht, begins with a short introduction to the background and making of the film. Tickets (including drinks) cost 11 euros. Cinevillepas and Strippenkaart are valid with an additional payment of €2.75. Dordt card holders The film is free during FilmClub evenings. With the corona procedures still in effect, pre-booking is essential.
Cinema The Movies can be reached by phone at 0787200777. Reservations are also possible Online.

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