December 5, 2023

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Financial setback for Sylvester Stallone: ​​Actor sells villa in California for millions less than asking price |  celebrities

Financial setback for Sylvester Stallone: ​​Actor sells villa in California for millions less than asking price | celebrities

celebritiesAnother financial setback for Sylvester Stallone (77). The actor sold one of his luxury properties for less than the asking price for the second time. The original asking price for his villa in California was 21.3 million euros. But music legend John Fogerty (78 years old), best known from the rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival, acquired the keys for “only” 16.3 million euros. This was reported by Robb Report.

In 2022, the “Rocky” actor paid 22.3 million euros for his ranch in California. So the representative will make a loss on the sale anyway. However, Stallone decided to accept John Fogerty’s offer of €16.3 million. This is five million euros less than the asking price. But with an estimated fortune of 380 million euros, the actor will not have to worry about missing money.

So this isn’t the first time Stallone has accepted an offer below the asking price. Last year, he sold his clifftop mansion in Beverly Park, an upscale residential area in Los Angeles, to Adele. The original asking price was set at €104 million. But in the end, the British singer paid “only” 55 million euros.


Adele is still reminded of the previous owner every day. Stallone has immortalized his alter ego Rocky throughout the house. For example, there is a life-sized sculpture at the edge of the park’s infinity pool and the British artist loves it. “The sale could not have happened without the statue,” the representative told the Wall Street Journal. Stallone also admitted that he was following the regeneration process closely. “I love what Adele did to my house!”

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Rocky statue. © Daily Mail/Just Jared

Stallone currently lives in Florida with his wife. The family bought a €33.2 million property in Palm Beach last year.

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