April 21, 2024

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"First Dates" returns with a teen special series "From Pure...

“First Dates” returns with a teen special series “From Pure…

Individual, second from right, is new to the first dates restaurant staff. © Garden

First dates It returns for season three on November 23. As of this year, there will also be a youth version with 1,300 young people aged 16-18 registered.

Tuesday, today’s date. At least in one place First datesThe restaurant will reopen its doors in fourteen days. The crew that surrounds the love seekers with the best care, consists once again of host Patrick, waiter Bram and waitresses Lena and Catelyn. However, they would be reinforced by Verdi, a half Moroccan and half Persian Limburger who came earlier himself. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t like his date with Giuseppe in season two. Ferry continues to believe in love unconditionally.

So do the 1,300 or so teens who signed up for the teen version of First dates. In seven episodes, young people between the ages of sixteen and eighteen will sit at the table. Two episodes will air on Een on December 20 and 21, and the other five episodes will air on VRT NU. According to the makers, the fact that there will be a teen version has to do with pure necessity. In digital times, live dating for young people is not so straightforward, especially in these Corona times. That is why many candidates do not have much hope to immediately find a lover. Most of them are curious about the experience of dating in a real restaurant. It is undeniable that service also plays a role in this. For a young cupid, Patrick will not be the service official, but Lena will. Until the arrival of Verdi she was the youngest descendant in First dates-Team. She is also close to the world of young daters and in real life she has a job where she works as a hostess.

She would also date Laura van den Bruel, Iris at the time at the Eurovision Song Contest.

She would also date Laura van den Bruel, Iris at the time at the Eurovision Song Contest. © VRT Bart Musschoot

Approximately 6,000 candidates have been registered for the regular edition of First Dates this season. The choice fell on 220 daters, a colorful and diverse group. From the youngest of Waits, 18, to Julian, who is 79 and nearly blind. From Laura who like Iris and with the song can you Before our country once participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, even Aaron, the influencer who has a good following on TikTok. From Jeron, the single father of a teenage daughter, to Geert, a widower who takes his 21-year-old daughter on a double date. (JDR)

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