June 17, 2024

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First image of Queen Elizabeth II's tombstone, in Belgian marble and with flowers chosen by Charles

First image of Queen Elizabeth II’s tombstone, in Belgian marble and with flowers chosen by Charles

british newspaper daily mail The first photo of Queen Elizabeth II’s burial place has been published. Next to the black Belgian marble tombstone is a laurel wreath chosen by her son, King Charles III.

After the funeral service on Monday night, the church where the Queen was buried, the King George VI Memorial Chapel, reopened for mass on Wednesday. Visitors can see the Queen’s final resting place. This is how the first picture of the black tombstone came daily mail fairly.

The Belgian marble is first engraved with the names of Elizabeth’s parents, Elizabeth and George VI, and their dates of birth and death, just as in the old version. Under now follows Elizabeth II. At the bottom is Prince Philip, Elizabeth’s husband who died last year and next to him lies in state.

Among the couples’ names is the Badge of the Order of the Ribat, the UK’s highest knighthood to which the four belong. It was Elizabeth II who ensured in 1987 that women could also join the system.

The laurel wreath that appeared on the Queen’s sarcophagus on Monday is now located next to the tomb. King Charles III, son of Elizabeth II, chose the wreath flowers himself. Myrtle was used for a wreath of a plant grown from the myrtle plant from Queen Elizabeth’s wedding bouquet.

Starting next week, the general public will be able to visit Queen Elizabeth’s resting place, but entry will be subject to a fee.