April 22, 2024

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FNV and media makers petition Mariette Hammer against infringing conduct

FNV and media makers petition Mariette Hammer against infringing conduct

FNV Media & Cultuur Director Andrée Ruiters: “We see things are slowly changing, but there is still a long way to go.”

Actress Fatima Genk, media maker Hilde de Jong, ROSE Stories’ Shavena Bendmann, and FNV Director Andre Reuters wanted to explain today on behalf of thousands of media and culture makers, and in particular to Government Commissioner Hammer, how they have broadly supported the call for culture change. Within the media and culture sector and discuss solutions. The #kijknietweg petition, which they started with a slew of other media makers, has been signed nearly 9,000 times. In it, decision makers speak out against abuses in their sector and call for more attention to a safe work environment. The petition was signed by actress Hadawish Menis, parliamentarian Samira Rafael, and actor Najib Amhali, among others.


Ruiters: We had a very frank and interesting conversation with Marit Hammer this afternoon. We had the opportunity to share our own experiences and top recommendations. One of those recommendations relates to breaking the asymmetric balance of power in Media Park. According to the makers and FNV, an important step is to strengthen the position of freelancers by offering them better contracts, with more security and better rates. All too often, the self-employed as well as temporary contract holders find themselves in a situation of too much dependency.

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The delegation also asked media makers to pay attention to better prevention and care for victims of sexually abusive behaviour. An important role in this regard should be played by an independent confidential advisor who is accessible to all. Relative representation (gender and color) in the media is also of great importance.

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The recommendations fell on fertile ground for Mariette Hammer: “This conversation with the media and culture makers once again provides insight into the mechanisms that lead to sexual offending behaviour. Fortunately, we agree that it is time to break this pattern. It has been agreed that the connection between Hammer will continue and media makers.