February 21, 2024

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Food Policy America offers opportunities for Dutch agricultural knowledge

Food Policy America offers opportunities for Dutch agricultural knowledge

US President Joe Biden’s food policy aims to make the world’s largest food exporter self – sufficient. According to Kim Tron, the new Dutch agricultural affiliate in the United States, it offers opportunities to export Dutch agricultural knowledge and techniques.

On behalf of the Dutch Embassy in Washington, University of Wageningen & Research (WUR) recently estimated that it would require an investment of nearly $ 11 billion to completely replace food imports by local production in the United States (USA).

Tron firmly believes that the Dutch agro-food sector could benefit from this. This is what she says in an interview Agroberichtenbuitenland.nl. Dutch companies can account for 10 percent of this, for example in horticulture in urban areas. As an agricultural coordinator I have been inviting parties from the United States and the Netherlands for this. ‘

It should be clear in the coming months which course Biden will choose. He has already made it clear that climate will also become a decisive factor in agriculture. There is already talk of carbon farmers. Biden has announced a multi-billion dollar investment in rural America.

High production with less water, fertilizers and chemicals

The focus on sustainable agriculture is also growing in the United States, Tron notes. Tax: Produce more with less water, less fertilizer and less chemicals. The Netherlands has knowledge and experience in this area. It is in our hands to further spread this experiential knowledge in the United States. ‘

Tron says one of the spears the Netherlands can focus on is innovative horticultural technology. The Dutch business community is at the forefront of these sectors, and he believes it is also found in the United States. ‘The U.S. Department of Agricultural Food treats the Dutch agricultural sector with respect. Such a small country and the second largest agricultural exporter in the world, it is respectable. ‘

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