March 4, 2024

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Footballhead's new single – “Like A Blister”

Footballhead's new single – “Like A Blister”

Footballhead is a young band from Chicago centered around main character Ryan Nolen. The group has already released an EP Fly kitchen It will be released in 2022. The EP contains four strong, fun songs that together last just under ten minutes. Then the joy of playing exploded from the black grooves of the first record. In 2023, two more singles were released with “Tightrope” and “Habits” which tried to win the hearts of the skate crowd with the same momentum. And now new single “Like A Blister” is released to the world, as an introduction to this long-awaited debut EP. Overthinking everything.

“Like A Blister” is somewhat reminiscent of the compositions of Jimmy Eat World and blink-182, and Footballhead fits well into the list of these greats. We're also in the mood for Harmony Korine and Larry Clark movies. The song would definitely fit in the soundtrack of movies like children, Ken Park And Julian ass boy. Contrary to what the title of the upcoming LP suggests, the new song was not rethought several times before being recorded. “Like A Blister” is just a great track from a band who clearly enjoy songwriting and performing. Two minutes of flawless fun. Sometimes it doesn't have to be more than that!

Footballhead's debut album will be released in early March.


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