April 23, 2024

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For example, Conner Russo and Vincent van Betteghem want to rise ...

For example, Conner Russo and Vincent van Betteghem want to rise …

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Alliance partners in the federal government don’t like lowering the value-added tax from 21 to 6 percent, but that shouldn’t be an obstacle. Because higher bills also increase the state’s VAT revenue. Forwet Chairman Koner Rousseau and Finance Minister Vincent van Bettieghem (CD&V) both suggest that these incomes could return to the population.

The energy bill tripled in a few months. And winter hasn’t started yet. People look fearfully at their energy bills. Then the government has to step in now, Rousseau says. Van Peteghem calls such an intervention into the logic of VTM Nieuws itself.

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The Socialists have examined their proposal. Between June 2021 and June 2022, higher prices will bring the state treasury a conservative estimate of 350 million euros. “This is inexplicable,” Russo says. “We should use this money to lower people’s energy bills.”

How does it not matter, that’s what the socialists say. “It could be done by reducing taxes or by checking energy, you name it.” (brain)

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