May 27, 2024

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Voormalig energieminister Marghem: “Verlenging van twee kernreactoren wordt onvermijdelijk”

Former Energy Minister Merghem: Expanding the nucleus of…

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Photo: Philip Fransen

According to Member of Parliament Mary Christine Margham, it will be imperative to keep two nuclear power plants open for longer than until the planned nuclear exit in 2025. She said this on DH Radio on Thursday.

The law provides for the complete phase-out of nuclear materials in 2025. In order to provide sufficient alternative production, a Capacity Compensation Mechanism (CRM) was put in place, which, among other things, should provide support for the construction of new gas-powered power plants. An important date awaits the De Croo government in November. Then it must be clear whether the supply of our country is guaranteed. In the event of unexpected problems, the government can still decide to keep the two newest power plants – Doel 4 and Tihange 3 – open.

“We should have started right away,” former Energy Minister Margham said. “By starting too late, we’ve lost that orderly exit. We’re going to have to keep some reactors open, for reasons of supply security, but also because it’s important that we have an energy mix that is increasingly being phased out, and nuclear is the answer.”

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