May 28, 2024

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Former warehouse in Sint Janstraat becomes 'hub' with restaurant |  Predatoday

Former warehouse in Sint Janstraat becomes ‘hub’ with restaurant | Predatoday

BREDA-BANK15 will open a prime location in mid-November at Sint Janstraat 11, the entrance to the former warehouse of Brejaart Sports Store. With a new “hub”, BANK15 will open its permanent location to makers in Breda after Tilburg and Rotterdam. It will be a place where makers can develop, and in the basement there will be a makers’ restaurant where everyone can come and eat.

“BANK15 Hub is a place to meet, have a cup of coffee, get a taste of new food concepts, look around the showroom, attend events and work flexibly. In short, a place where there is plenty of room for private initiative and where there is always something to do,” says Director Marketing Operations Fenne Verhoeven.

In the basement of the building, there will be an integrated catering kitchen where four creative entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to test their concept. Creative food entrepreneurs receive mentorship from BANK15 professionals and partners. “This gives producers a chance to take the next step and Breda residents can contribute to that by coming to eat.” Guests get one big menu where they can choose from different dishes from different food concepts. The kitchen is the center of the large basement, so that people can easily see and communicate with future entrepreneurs.

“BANK15 believes that you should try it to see if it can be successful. That is why we do not do difficult constructions, and you do not need to come up with a complete business plan as long as you are willing to do our best,” says Center Director Olga Buijlinckx.

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makers gallery
On the ground floor, the constructors are given the space to create a profile take over To do the entire space and display and organize events and meetings. “A place where makers can showcase their work, their dreams or themselves. They can do this by take over of the entire space but also with other makers. “We will give decision makers the freedom to do what contributes to their own development,” says Finn Verhoeven.

About BANK15
Driven by purpose, BANK 15 is constantly developing opportunities to bring makers and Young Professionals opportunity and allow more people to participate in the community. BANK15 develops concepts, processes, and programs with companies and brands that see profit as more than just making money. Together they make the difference. In this way they believe that more people get a chance to participate in society and develop a balance between commerce and social influence.