May 28, 2024

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Founder Johan Jessen Says Goodbye to Utrecht Festival Le Guess Who?

Founder Johan Jessen Says Goodbye to Utrecht Festival Le Guess Who?

Founder of Le Guess Who? Stop working for the Utrecht Festival. The event was first organized in 2007 to give a place to underrepresented music and over the years has grown into a leading festival with international attention.

If you guess who? It has evolved from a small-scale niche festival to a major city event known internationally for the inspiring way pioneering music is presented.

Johan Jessen: “With the same tension I used with Le Guess Who? Founded in 2007, I’m saying goodbye now. At the time I wanted to challenge myself and keep moving. Tivoli gave me the space and confidence to work on this with friend and soulmate Bob van Heur.” The weather has been itchy lately, just like it was back then. It’s time to take the next step, to look back on forever at what seems to be a childhood dream come true.”

I did not expect

Bob Van Heuer, Artistic Director of Le Guess Who?: “When we started brainstorming about Le Guess Who? We never expected to come here. From a hobby project of two childhood friends to a dream about a festival (organization) knows how to inspire so many people. So I am so grateful to Johann for the endless support, unbridled commitment, passion and love he brings to Le Guess Who? He has given. There is a strong, healthy and inspiring organization eager to continue working into the future. A future full of new opportunities and possibilities. Another chapter.”

15th Anniversary Edition of Le Guess Who? From 10 to 13 November 2022 in Utrecht. If you guess who? Presents music, film, visual arts, and more in music venues, theaters, churches, museums, wharf cellars, and public spaces.

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