May 26, 2024

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Cardano lanceert ‘Vasil hard fork’ op testnet

Founder says big things are coming for Cardano

Yesterday Founder Cardano (ADA) Grid, Charles Hoskinson, the long-awaited fassil hard fork On September 22 will take place. This update will bring significant improvements to the network, but according to Hoskinson, Vasil is just the beginning. In the future, Cardano will turn out to be the world’s “financial operating system,” according to Hoskinson.

fassil hard fork

In the Cardano news It was said that in a few weeks Vasil will appear on the Cardano main network. According to Hoskinson, Vasil was also the most difficult modernization they came up with as an ecosystem to date. However, the benefits will also be enormous:

“This is one of the longest updates, and probably the hardest update we have had to do as an ecosystem. If we all did our job well, we would wake up on September 22nd, and it would be another day. That is the magic and power of the Cardano ecosystem.”

Cardano’s evolution continues

It is clear that the team behind Cardano will not suddenly stop developing after Vasil was introduced. On the contrary, according to Hoskinson, there are already plans to take the network to the next level. Scalability and accessibility are important concepts in this vision of the future:

“In the future there will be a great look back at how to do things better. There will also be an in-depth talk about Cardano’s overall architecture as it is, and how we take it to the next level to make it more usable, portable, scalable and best of all.”

Cardano and Huskinson’s goals are very ambitious. Charles Hoskinson wants Cardano to eventually succeed in providing a financial system for people around the world who do not yet have access to a bank:

“We built it as a community to give economic identity to those who don’t, so we can have a single, fair global market. It’s a crazy job, and it feels huge in scope, but with Vasil arriving on September 22nd, it feels even more achievable.”