May 27, 2024

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Four goals against Courtois but still 10 for the “miracle injured man”: “the only one on the level” |  Champions League

Four goals against Courtois but still 10 for the “miracle injured man”: “the only one on the level” | Champions League

plaster on the wound. Despite four goals against Thibaut Courtois, praise is still for him. Huiskrant Marca rewards the Red Devil with 10 after three “miracles” against Haaland. “But the way we get out still hurts,” sighed the guard, who was said to have played injured.

Can we first look back on Thibaut Courtois’ memorable evening?

In the 13th minute, the goalkeeper had to use his reflexes for the first time. From very close range – in fact it was more difficult to miss than to score – Courtois managed to head Erling Haaland in.

Less than ten minutes later, Courtois did something better.

Now his opponent, the Norwegian, could not be blamed for the bad finish, as he had perfectly aimed the ball into the corner. Only Courtois had the final reaction to turn the attempt over again.

Then number three.

Head to head with Haaland, the Red Devil managed to prevent Phenomenon from scoring again. It might have been 2-0 at the time, but Courtois has been lauded on social media.

Even after that, the Spanish newspapers did not spare the compliments, despite the heavy defeat.

AS awarded our compatriot a 9 in his report, and Marca even went a step further and delivered a perfect 10 points. Invisible to a goalkeeper who conceded four goals.

With his teammates, only Toni Kroos narrowly caught a pass. “Courtois was the only Real Madrid player at a high level,” it sounded resolutely.

“Only he prevented an even more painful defeat. Courtois performed three miracles and had no chance with the goals. He couldn’t have done more, simply.”

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Even more impressive: according to Marca, among others, the goalkeeper played with a torn flight, an injury he sustained in the competition against Getafe.

Painful exit

But Courtois’ heroics weren’t enough for another Champions League final.

At the Spanish rights holder, the goalkeeper looked back at the fall in Manchester with a grim face: “After the opening goal, it was difficult to respond,” Courtois said. They scored 2-0. These little things helped last year, but don’t turn around.

You can lose with a penalty kick, overtime, 2-1, 2-0…but 4-0 is tough.

Thibaut Courtois

Courtois did not hide the fact that the exit was difficult.

“Mostly because of the road,” he explained. “You can lose with Penatly, overtime, 2-1, 2-0…but 4-0 is tough. We’re still proud we got here. A death just before the final is tough, even if it’s against a great team. If it’s not If you weren’t 100% against City it would be very difficult.”