September 27, 2023

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Four months after her split from Jules: Amandine returns to ‘Love Island’ |  television

Four months after her split from Jules: Amandine returns to ‘Love Island’ | television

televisionAmandine, 21, was back on Tuesday night Love Island. Sweetheart Flanders conquered Jules’ heart last year, but unfortunately the fairy tale ended abruptly four months ago. With her first love experience in her pocket, the photographer enters the “Island of Love” villa with determination.


Amandine is a year older and wiser, and she’s learned that she can give a lot in a relationship. The blonde still doesn’t fall in love easily, but once she does fall for someone, she’ll come under fire for her dreamy “pretty boy” with a heart of gold.

In May, Amandine announced on Instagram that her relationship with Jules was over. “A lot has happened between me and Jules in recent months,” she told her followers. “It’s the first relationship for both of us, so maybe we weren’t ready for it. That’s why we had a mixture of a lot of passion, fun, and intense love…but also insecurities, mistakes, and pain – which caused a lot of heartache. So we decided it was better.” To part ways for now“.

The new season of Love Island can be watched here streams. A new episode is released every day except Sunday.

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