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Fractal Design replaces torrent fan hub due to possible short circuit – Computer – News

Will it require Google to block all references to pages where you can order this product? This is what you are alluding to here. The responsibility lies with the implementing agency, that is, the web stores, and not on the sites that index where you can order them.

No, how do you get there? I’m not saying anything about the ban and I’m not alluding to it. Don’t put words in other people’s mouths.

What I’m saying is that Tweakers (read: Google) are responsible for the ads they provide for this product. Sites that publish information about the product are responsible for the content. In the case of Tweakers, this is the info page and also a review for this unsafe ergonomically designed product.
The summary on the product and review page says verbatim:
Price: Fractal Design Cell Solid Black
Comments: Torrent case fractal design – cute and airy light show

The quality of the housing construction is very good

This is actually incorrect because the housing can cause a short circuit. Hence the summons.

And what I also said is that by publishing this article, Tweakers have taken a huge step in their responsibility, but there is room for improvement, for example by modifying the product page as well as the review. The statements there are currently misleading.

By the way, I also think that Fractal Design, apart from the flaw in the product, is handling the situation quite well. Clearly report a problem and recall affected products immediately.

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