June 20, 2024

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France halts gas prices until April next year

France halts gas prices until April next year


Energy prices are swinging outside the pan, not only in our country, but also in France. So Prime Minister Jan Castex stepped in and announced on Thursday that he would halt gas prices until April next year. This was reported by the French media.

French Prime Minister Jean Castix announced Thursday during a news broadcast on TF1 that he would introduce a “customs shield” against ever-increasing energy prices. Another 12.6% increase will be planned on October 1, but it will be the “last”, according to the prime minister. Gas prices will be suspended until April next year. If the declines associated with global market prices in March/April do not materialize, we will have to take additional measures. That could be tax action.”

Electricity prices are also processed. For example, the expected price increase in February 2022 will be limited to 4 percent and this will be offset by a tax cut that will be included in the budget. The regulated electricity price is changed only twice a year, unlike the gas price which is adjusted monthly.

Nothing has been done about gasoline prices at the moment.

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