April 17, 2024

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Frank B., the Dutch star tax expert charged in the US

Frank B., the Dutch star tax expert charged in the US

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Dutch tax consultant Frank B. He was indicted in New York because he tried to hide more than $100 million from the IRS, the US tax authorities.

63-year-old P. from Norton, who is known as a tax expert for the stars of the showbiz world. He has worked for world famous DJs such as Afrojack and Tiesto, fashion models and various TV presenters including Linda de Moll. He set up constructions in tax havens for his clients, as a result of which they would have to pay less tax.

According to the US Attorney, B’s clients saved millions of dollars each year as a result. Within a few years, they became US taxpayers, obliging them by law to pay tax on their worldwide income to the US. Among these clients, according to the lawsuit, were two internationally renowned DJs who were not named.

‘Neglected Duties’

B., as a tax advisor to several high-net-worth clients, was aware of his clients’ obligation to pay U.S. taxes on their income, but he ignored this obligation and the IRS. He chose to fraudulently hide this income from the lawyer.

B. He was arrested at his vacation home in Italy on July 12 for extradition to the United States. B.’s Dutch lawyer said this week that he believed his client was “operating within all international tax laws and treaties”.

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