May 30, 2024

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Frank De Bleekeri explains Hugo Vettelsen's strange goal against Union SG – Football News

Frank De Bleekeri explains Hugo Vettelsen's strange goal against Union SG – Football News

A fantastic goal was scored last weekend during the match between Union and Club Brugge. Goalkeeper Maurice was sent off, and club player Hugo Vetelsen jumped in front of the ball, then touched it with his foot and rolled it into the goal.

The referee and VAR decided to award the goal. A lot of ink has already been spilled about this stage, but now the referees' management have also come up with an explanation.

“It's a situation we don't encounter every day,” Frank De Bleecker begins in “Under Review.” “There was a similar situation in the Champions League final between Karius and Liverpool. In such a situation you have to go back to the rules of the game.”

“Then there is one very important word. And that is: obstruct. The question here is: Does the Club Brugge player obstruct the goalkeeper when he has the ball in his hands and he releases the ball? If you look at the pictures, there is no space between the players. The club player does not pressure the goalkeeper.” “The goalkeeper has space to play the ball.”

“If you look at the regulations, there is another question you can ask: Does the Club Brugge player block the goalkeeper when kicking, or does he try to kick when the ball is released? Here too, we think the distance remains large. Vettelsen even makes a backward movement. Goalkeeper Maurice has With complete freedom to kick the ball.”

De Bleecker believes that officials have done a good job during this phase. “Here too he does not obstruct the goalkeeper. If we take all this into account, it is a valid goal. The distance has not been specified. If Vettelsen moves towards the goalkeeper, we will face a different situation.”