May 26, 2024

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Frankie Vercauteren Defends His Choice of Junior Staff: “We’re Raising the Bar” |  European Championship qualifying round

Frankie Vercauteren Defends His Choice of Junior Staff: “We’re Raising the Bar” | European Championship qualifying round

With a new national coach and reduced staff, the Red Devils are on their way to the 2024 European Championship. Yesterday, head coach Frankie Vercauteren explained the hows and whys of some options when filling the new framework for our national team. We expect the same quality.

“This is a new beginning! The past is important, we have to cherish it and we have to thank everyone for that, but changes have been started. We have to deal with that now.”

The new technical director of the Vercauteren brand is not indifferent to this. He made an inventory and talked to many people about what was needed within the national team.

“We’re getting rid of the past and looking at the present and the future. The necessary and needed changes have happened. Because if you have a lot of people, there are a lot of different ideas and opinions.”

“If you reduce the number of players, you have to do the same in terms of personnel,” said Verkotrin. “Everyone is going to have to work a little bit harder because we’re outnumbered, but we expect the same quality, so we’re leveling up.”

Don’t talk about people who are gone.

Of course, questions were also raised about some of the enduring values ​​in the employees who are no longer with us. Physiotherapist Levin Mischalk, assistant Thomas Vermaelen and goalkeeper coach Erwin Lemmens.

“We are no longer talking about those who are absent, but about those who are there,” Verkotrin is sharp. “Some choices we didn’t make ourselves, but were dictated by certain circumstances.”

“We shouldn’t waste time and energy on it, with all due respect for what it was. We should focus on today with the intention of winning on Friday.”

After this camp we will do a new assessment. Look at what’s good and what’s not and make any adjustments.

Franky Vercauterin, Technical Director of the Football Association

According to Verkotrin, efforts were made to arrange all these side issues, as he calls them, as soon as possible so that she would not be bored with them now.

“After this camp we will do a new inventory and evaluation. See what is good and what is not good and make adjustments if necessary.” There is clearly a lot of faith in the current squad, but Verkotrin understands that any criticism must be heard.

“We have complete confidence in our staff now and will continue to do so in the future. We’re not here to change everything in a month. But we’ll figure out what needs to be decided and look at any future needs.”

“Maybe a confrontation in the future?”

However, it still seems strange that the entire Tabula Rasa was made and that Domenico Tedesco was effectively given carte blanche in selecting the entire cast.

“We looked at different options. The coach had his own requirements, of course, and we answered them in a positive way. He was allowed to bring his assistants, the goalkeeper coach and the analysts with him. That was the first option we took.”

Verkotrin wonders aloud if this was the right choice. “Maybe one of my missions is to balance that out in the future. Or to say we already have a few things.”

“But then, let’s do a lot of it and she says to everyone, ‘Come on.'” That was not the intent.”

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