March 4, 2024

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Freestyle Libre 2: Beautiful system for diabetics, poor performance – exit

Freestyle Libre 2: Beautiful system for diabetics, poor performance – exit


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The Freestyle Libre is a popular aid among people with diabetes. The device measures glucose levels continuously, thus giving diabetics a better idea of ​​their glucose levels. This gives them more confidence and a higher quality of life. However, a large group of patients have regularly experienced problems since the Freestyle Libre 2 arrived.

About 1.2 million Dutch people suffer from diabetes. This chronic disease is also called the “silent killer” because of the serious complications that can occur. the Free free From the manufacturer Abbott is the most commonly used. This is because this device is the only device that is widely reimbursed by health insurance companies.

How does FreeStyle Libre 2 work?

This system works as follows. Glucose levels are measured continuously in the fluid under the skin by a sensor fitted with a small needle, which is usually attached to the upper arm. You can view these values ​​using a reader or an app on your phone.

It is possible to set various alerts, for example, to warn you if your glucose value is too high (called hyper) or too low (called hypo). This way you can anticipate the timing and prevent health damage.

Previous interest in CASA

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Report from 2018
Report from 2019

The new version has been available since 2020: Freestyle Libre 2. This model causes problems for a large number of users. What exactly is wrong with this model?

Complaints about Freestyle Libre 2

The Freestyle Libre 2's glucose monitoring system crashes regularly. For example, people complain of malfunctions (for example, error codes or failure to pass the scan), loss of signal, not recorded or incorrect glucose values, false alarms or lack of alarms when they should be and sensor activation that does not work.

Another common complaint that can have serious consequences is that the sensors on the new model go off very easily. Normally, the sensor should remain in place for two weeks, but this is not always achieved.

Additionally, many people feel that the customer service that receives the most complaints doesn't really do anything. Your report will be logged, but most problems will not change.

Response from the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate

In the Netherlands Health Care and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ) Responsible for Quality of Care. They are also aware of complaints regarding the Freestyle Libre 2. In the past year, IGJ has received at least a hundred mentions and reports. They have also had frequent discussions with Abbott about this matter in recent years.

Patients who don't feel heard enough by Abbott can contact Abbott National health care hotline (LMZ). The Inspectorate then assesses whether action should be taken based on these reports.

Response from the manufacturer Abbott

In response to CASA, Abbott said they see it as their duty to provide accurate and reliable technology to diabetics. The company encourages customers to contact customer service if they have any questions or complaints.

Abbott's full response can be found below (.pdf)