June 17, 2024

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French monks admit burning 5G masts

French monks admit burning 5G masts

Two French monks from the Rhône region are tasked with setting fire to two 5G masts. They were arrested and confessed.

The monks belong to a conservative order. The duo had gone to the mast at night last week to set it on fire. After a night, they went to their second target, where the police were waiting for them. They admitted to arson.

The two said they wanted to draw attention to the health risks the network could pose to their eyes. Such claims are popular among conspiracy theorists. But there is no scientific evidence for this.

Local authorities stated that damage to the masts was “negligible”. The monks are on trial for “vandalism and attempted destruction”.

The monastery stands behind the beliefs of the monks. Burning monasticism considers cremation “a solitary and wrongful act of youth.” The suspects are 39 and 40 years old.

In France, as well as other European countries, several masts were set on fire in protest against the deployment of the 5G network. But apart from having no scientific basis, not all of the affected towers are part of the 5G network.

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