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From an atmospheric bedroom to a warm space with a Middle Eastern vibe

From an atmospheric bedroom to a warm space with a Middle Eastern vibe

Wim and Lien from Nijkerk love comfort, but it was difficult to find that atmosphere in their bedroom. The room is very large and high, which quickly makes it feel bare, cold and unpleasant. They ask Patrick and Jasper for help from Eigen Huis & Tuin: Lekker Leven.

Wim and Lien moved into their beautiful home in Nijkerk six years ago, which they really enjoy. But they were still missing something in the bedroom. It is a beautiful space with a sloping but very high ceiling and an adjoining open room where the wardrobes are located. But there is still something very important missing: atmosphere! So it's up to handyman Patrick Uvoff and interior designer Jasper Borg to add some warmth and comfort.

Bedroom before transformation.

the plan

Because Wim and Leanne love to travel – to the Middle East in particular – they also wanted to reflect that in their renovated bedroom. That's why Jasper chose warm colors that fit perfectly with this theme. “Small influences, but not all the way with a modern twist.” The base is chosen for some soft purple tones, complemented by warm earthy tones. The high, sloped ceiling wall got some shine in the form of gold-colored wallpaper. But the highlight of the room is of course the custom-made headboard and bed frame with an Arabic arch with niches.

The arch and gold-colored wallpaper are highlighted very beautifully – literally – with an invisible LED strip attached behind the arch.

Modern touch

Although there was an Arabic-themed lantern hanging in the old room, it was not yet complete. In the new room it would have fit well thematically, but other lamps were chosen, specifically to give a modern touch to the room. Two spherical pendant lights made of smoked glass were chosen. The lamps are hung at different heights, adding a playful touch and emphasizing this beautiful height even more.

Art as a guideline for the use of color

Do you find it difficult to choose the right colors and do not know how to return them to the room? Jasper has good advice for this. Choose two Beautiful wall circles Which formed the basis of the colors in the room. In this case, the paintings mainly feature warm earthy and terra tones, with some subtle purple tones, and he then brings all those colors back into the room, on the walls, in the furniture and accessories. The opposite is also possible: as a finishing touch, choose a palette based on the colors already in the room.

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