April 23, 2024

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From an old living room to a warm and contemporary space

From an old living room to a warm and contemporary space

17 years ago, Marian and Tony took over the house from their father-in-law. The furniture they already took with them, they did some work here and there and decorated it according to their own taste. But after all these years, the couple now thinks it's time for some updating, so they can enjoy this place for a long time to come. Marian and Tony look after their grandchildren regularly, so some adjustments here and there can also be made for the youngest members of the family.

The nice thing is that the skilled staff gets that carte blanche In terms of style, use of color and design. So when asked if they should keep anything at all, they replied: “No, we are 100% committed to continuing with the completely new trend and style.”

Calm and warm atmosphere

barber Jamila Smits She chose calm and warm colors as a base and added some additional touches of color in the accessories. The colors stand out, but they still form a beautiful whole unit with the base. The curvy shapes reflected in the furniture, wallpaper and accessories also provide an additional soft and cozy atmosphere.

Multiple fabrics for best acoustics

Since the room is very large and open and there is a tiled floor, this does not have a good effect on the acoustics as the sound continues to be reflected. Fortunately, this can be addressed, among other things, by using a lot of fabrics in the interior. Jamila chose a large fabric sofa, lots of pillows, curtains and of course a large rug.

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Hidden play corner

Of course, Patrick was also allowed to focus on fun custom projects, and even a couple of projects this time! For example, he created a multi-functional play corner for the grandchildren, “disguised” as a sideboard! Perfect for kids to play with and store all the toys and craft supplies neatly behind closed doors at the end of the day.

Create corners with a room divider

He also designed a stylish room divider to slightly separate the dining area from the seating area. Djamilla included this in her design because she wanted to make a large space more comfortable and because it allows you to create different angles easily. The room divider is made semi-transparent using upholstery tape.