June 18, 2024

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From brewing beer to combining colors: four online courses to keep you busy this fall |  my guide

From brewing beer to combining colors: four online courses to keep you busy this fall | my guide

HLN StoreThe new school year has begun. Do you want to work from home and expand your knowledge, or invest in a new hobby that has not yet been identified? Then you will be spoiled for choice with the range of online courses available. From Reiki mastery or guitar playing to a dog grooming course, a molecular nutrition course or a language immersion course: you can easily learn almost everything online, without the need to travel and at your own pace. HLN Store Zoom in on four fantastic cycles.

Immersion in the global language

One popular way to keep your gray cells awake, which anyone who has left their home country will reap the benefits of, is to learn a new language. You can also go in any direction with this. From brushing up on your French to a whole new grammatical adventure with Japanese for example.

Our choice? Go Italian! This poetic masterpiece falls unfairly in the shadow of the Spanish language, but it’s definitely worth dedicating a few hours of your free time to. Even if you don’t travel to Italy frequently; It looks great, keeps your mind sharp and is guaranteed to impress you the next time you order pizza from your favorite Italian restaurant.

Do you want to learn a new language? In these online courses – in 6 languages! -You now get a huge discount in the HLN store.

An Italian word would certainly come in handy. © Getty Images/FStop

Creative with color

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Do you prefer a cycle that is beneficial to you every day? Then choose “Color at Home, Create Personal Interior Design” from vtwonen. After all, few people understand how you can use colors intelligently to make different rooms in your home special and create the desired atmosphere. And all this while looking at those walls almost every day.

So a small course is not a waste of money. The course includes four modules that pave the way to the interior design of your dreams, a workbook with challenging assignments, plus access to a Facebook group where you can exchange ideas with other students. You’ll save a lot of professional costs, or a liter of paint in the wrong color.

Do you want to make your home shine? You can order the Color at Home course via this HLN store link.

© Vetonen.p

After Steven Spielberg

Everyone is a photographer these days, but if you want to get involved in social media, a set of video skills are also a must. To develop this, you are in the right place with a course like “Digital Photography and Video Editing” from Laudios. You learn the tricks of the trade and then weave images together into an attractive whole, focusing on the effect you want to achieve.

The course lasts an average of eight months, and after taking an open book exam at home, you will receive an official ‘Laudius Diploma’. If you are mentored by a teacher and successfully complete all your homework, you will also receive a certificate.

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advice: Click here to view this course.

Getty Images
© Getty Images

Brew your own beer

And finally, something you might be able to count on support from your environment for: brewing beer. The renowned NHA, with 85 years of experience, offers this fantastic course.

Along with a wealth of information to help you develop into a professional brewer, you will receive a professional pack containing everything you need to brew that first beer. Think brewing bucket, thermometers, malt, hops, and shaker bottles. A course guaranteed to give you a lot of fun.

Sounding soon with your beer? Here’s a delicious online course.

Smooth start

Whatever your new hobby, the Microsoft Office suite is one of the essential components to making your homeschool a success. Microsoft Office 2021 is the latest version and contains the basic programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Request your license via This link is from HLN storeYou’ll also get access to Dutch language training courses to help you master these useful programs, plus a huge discount of €124.

Do you want to save hundreds of euros with a refurbished laptop? These are assets and points of interest

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