March 2, 2024

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From the bare attic to the warm and bright bedroom

From the bare attic to the warm and bright bedroom

Chavira’s social media is a colorful collection of home inspiration with very different living styles, so she actually no longer knows what to do with her attic. That’s why it’s not decorated yet and looks bare. Moreover, the lack of light enhances the unpleasant character of the room. Chavira and Bass ideally wanted not only a bedroom, but also a work and relaxation area combined into one unit. Therefore, the space must be used well. Color is welcome, as long as it’s not too bright.

the plan

Interior designer Floortje wanted to give the couple the feeling that they were sleeping in a hotel every night. According to her, this includes warm and cozy colors, but with a little spice. For this reason the walls were given a petrol blue and a dark pink shade, and one of the walls was covered with gold printed wallpaper. Since the attic was completely dark to begin with, the handyman team added two Generous maneuvers to. This not only lets in twice or three times the amount of light, but also makes the room visually more spacious.

The bed will be placed in a prominent location in the middle of the bedroom and our handyman Patrick will custom make the frame. Drawers and a movable tray are located below and behind this frame to provide additional storage space. The knee walls are finished with acoustic panels, which are also highly decorative. Two soft ones Decorative pillows With an all over print, the bed and the icing on the cake consist of beautiful plants and flowers, a comfortable armchair and elegant table lamps.

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Curious about the end result? Watch the video below:

Here’s a quick look at what the bedroom looked like before the transformation…

And this is the cozy bedroom after the transformation!