April 21, 2024

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From the final to the hospital: Dimitri van den Berg is forced to rest after panic attacks

From the final to the hospital: Dimitri van den Berg is forced to rest after panic attacks

Dimitri van den Berg (28) played his fifth final match of the season on Sunday, but the Belgian, seeded one in darts, has health problems. He had a panic attack during and after the German Open Darts Championship.

Vincent van Gensten

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On the way to the final against world champion Peter Wright (8-6 defeat), Van den Berg, ranked 14th in the world, beat Krzysztof Ratajsky (PDC 18) and Jose de Sousa (PDC 6), among others. Strong, but van den Berg suffered from physical discomfort. He was even medically examined after the quarter-finals, at his own discretion.

“During that race, my heart rate suddenly went up really fast,” van den Berg says. I tried to take it down afterwards. Fortunately, there were friends of mine in the room who told me to keep quiet. I don’t know what’s wrong. panic attack? I don’t know. I could have made the decision to lose after the quarter-finals, but I’m proud that I persevered and was able to play the final.”

dream maker Another panic attack on Tuesday and I felt unwell. Then he went to the hospital for a medical examination. So far nothing has been discovered. “So further investigation is needed,” said Van den Berg’s friend, Evie Lauerts. However, this is impossible this week because we have to consult specialists. So we have to wait until one becomes available. Until then it is good sleep, rest and de-stress. He is currently feeling sick and lost for life.”

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Van den Berg usually plays the World Championship finals in Amsterdam from September 16th. He is the top seed there after two wins at the tournament in Copenhagen and Amsterdam. The following week, the Belgian Darts Open in Wise, East Flanders, entered the programme.