May 28, 2024

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Genk wants to connect companies to a single heating network

Genk wants to connect companies to a single heating network

To address the problem of high energy costs, Genk companies want to build one large heating network, such that the energy shortages and surpluses of the affiliated members cancel each other out. The Genk City Council showed interest in the idea and started a feasibility study with Fluvius.

VKW and Unizo Limburg's POL demonstrates once again that one of the persistent challenges facing the manufacturing industry is energy costs. “We are also receiving these signals from our major manufacturing companies and from United Industrialists Genk (VIG),” says Ton Vandoorzen, local councilor for economy in Genk. “In addition, additional steps are needed regarding sustainable energy management. Currently, the share of renewable energy generated in Genk is 12.2% of the total energy demand. We know that our industry accounts for 22% of the total energy demand. If we wanted to, To develop towards an energy neutral city, so we need to work on that as well.

And how? “If we can determine where the residual heat producers are located and where the demand parties are located, then, in addition to solar panels and wind turbines, we can also use heating networks to move towards more sustainable energy consumption,” says VanDorzen. “Together with Fluvius, we will carry out the exercise for the Genk Zuid industrial park. If the project proves to be feasible and affordable, we will not only help our companies strengthen their competitive position, but we will specifically contribute to reducing” CO2 emissions. And smart energy distribution. If it works, there will only be winners, so it is definitely worth investigating all of this,” concludes Ton Vandoorzen.

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