April 16, 2024

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Gent Robovision heads to the US with an investment of millions

Gent Robovision heads to the US with an investment of millions

The supplier of computer vision software has raised $42 million in a recent investment round, worth €38.9 million.

Robovision supports companies in building AI models for production lines and machines. The models can support the agriculture sector by automatically identifying plants, planting and picking them up. These models can also be used in clinical environments where a computer detects which organs are visible in a photograph/scan.

Robovision has so far been particularly successful in the agricultural sector. Collaboration with partners is key here as they integrate models into machines. In this way, Gent has now achieved a turnover of more than 250 million dollars.

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Ambitions are not lacking, because Robovision is now looking to enter the US market with new capital. The company has announced to open an office in the US, the CEO said Time. In the short term, five to six employees will represent the company in the United States. These employees will be involved in sales, marketing and operations.

The investment comes from Target Global, Astoner Ventures and Red River West. Combined with previous investment rounds, Robovision has now raised a total of $65 million.

In addition to plans for the US market, the capital will also be used for research and development to strengthen the computer vision platform. Additionally, the company is targeting growth in existing countries. It was previously reported that Robovision plans to enter the German market.

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