April 16, 2024

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GoDaddy web host rejects illegal abortion in Texas |  Abroad

GoDaddy web host rejects illegal abortion in Texas | Abroad

Web hosting service GoDaddy banned an anti-abortion website in Texas on Friday. Citizens can leave anonymous advice about people who aid or encourage abortion. The anti-abortion group behind the website, Texas Right to Life, was given a choice by GoDaddy to find a new web host or go offline.

The website, prolifewhistleblower.com, is a direct result of a new abortion law that took effect Wednesday in Texas, which prohibits women from terminating their pregnancies after six weeks. Texans are encouraged by the law themselves Take legal action against people involved in illegal abortion. Citizens can get $10,000 (about 8,500 euros) if they win such a case.

According to GoDaddy, the gratuity website violated the web host’s terms of service. Texas Right to Life will have “24 hours to switch providers.” GoDaddy’s Terms do not allow users to collect information about people without their consent.

Texas Right to Life said in a statement that it will not be silenced. “Our IT team is already working on transferring our assets to another provider and we will restore the site within 48 hours. Come soon,” the group said.

At the Capitol in Austin, Texas, feminists demonstrated against the new abortion law in their state. (01/09/2021) © AP

Texas’ new abortion law has drawn heavy criticism, Including US President Joe Biden Which speaks of an “undeniable violation” of constitutional rights. Biden finds it particularly “disgraceful” that citizens, like the stories told, are allowed to file lawsuits against anyone who allegedly helped someone else have an abortion. This may even include family members, health care workers, clinic receptionists, or strangers unrelated to the individual.

Advocacy groups have attempted to ban abortion in Texas after six weeks of pregnancy in the Supreme Court, but to no avail. The court voted against the emergency request on Wednesday of organizations. They say the law will make abortion impossible for at least 85 percent of Texas women who want the procedure.

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