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Good choice for the (fanatic) athlete

Good choice for the (fanatic) athlete

In this Huawei Watch GT Runner review, you can read all about our experiences with the Professional Running Watch. What is positive about the €299 smartwatch and what are the areas for improvement?

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Huawei Watch GT Runner Review

A few weeks ago we published our enlargement Huawei Watch GT 3 review† We have also worked with Huawei Watch Fit Mini Review Now it’s time for Huawei Watch GT Runner† With the goal of this smart watch Huawei It mainly focuses on sports fanatics and especially ardent runners. In this review, just as with the GT 3, we discuss the pros and cons of the device.

1. Beautiful design and screen

We tested the black version of the Watch GT Runner, but there’s also a gray and yellow version for sale that looks a lot more flashy. What is striking is the light weight, which is of course good for the wrist. Well does the smart watch and therefore cheaper. The straps are interchangeable and the manufacturer supplies two straps that differ slightly in length.

The case size is 46 mm and there are two buttons on the right. The physical crown also looks like plastic and you can use it to scroll through menus, among other things. This is the same with the previously tested Huawei Watch GT 3.

The screen is the same and we have no complaints about that. The round screen has a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels and a size of 1.43 inches. Thanks to the AMOLED panel, the colors and sharpness appear so high that any digital tablet looks good. It’s also easy to see all kinds of insights, graphs, and additional information. There is also the possibility to leave the screen always on, but it consumes more power.

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2. Great battery life

A device’s battery life is naturally related to all kinds of factors, including battery capacity, software, and type of use. The Runner lasts up to 14 days, but that’s under ideal conditions.

In practice, the battery life ranged between seven and ten days, which is an excellent score. If you exercise every day or if you constantly measure your oxygen level or heart rate, it will naturally drain faster. In general, this is good, especially given the large screen, many sensors and functions. Similar watches with Wear OS on board, such as Samsung Galaxy Watch 4They only last a day or two on a full charge.

3. Personal running coach

In our Huawei Watch GT 3 review, we have already discussed all the sports options and sensors in more detail. Of course you’ll also find that on this sports watch, but there’s more. For example, there is an improved GPS antenna, which tracks your route more accurately than before. thanks for the Huawei Health app You can come up with a whole plan to make you a better runner.

Using data such as training intensity, index, ability to run index (RAI), and amount of training, you can create a campaign plan. You can start as a beginner, but also if you are already advanced. This way, the GT Runner becomes your personal running trainer, something I simply couldn’t experience. Because of multiple knee operations, running is a I do not go Mine.

If you are very interested in this, you can see all kinds of specific ideas thanks to the watch. Think about your step rate, cadence, recovery time from exercise, and more. Personal operating plans are automatically evaluated and adjusted as necessary. Want to learn more about your fitness? Of course you can also use Watch GT Runner for this purpose and the ideas you have gained.

Work to be done for Huawei

The watch is also water resistant, so there is absolutely no problem in swimming, rinsing or showering. A cable is included with which you can easily and quickly charge the watch. The speaker works well for playing music or making a phone call.

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Want to use your smartwatch to pay wirelessly? Then GT Runner is not the right choice for you, because that is not possible. Another area where there is definitely work to be done is the software, something that regularly comes with products from the Chinese brand.

1. Application width is below average

If you are looking for a watch where you can download any app known to use from your wrist, then Watch GT Runner is not the watch for you. This is based on the HarmonyOS operating system. This is developed by Huawei itself, but app developers have to modify their apps for it.

However, this rarely happens, which means that the range of applications is very limited. Spotify, online banking, or Gmail are not available. You can navigate with the self-developed Petal Maps, which has fewer functions than the ones in Maps google† If you want to track your data in apps like Strava or Google Fit, you can do so via a turn. Then you have to start the paid app Health SyncSo it’s not perfect.

2. Simple interface and notifications

HarmonyOS on a smartwatch is similar by default to WatchOS. in many ways an Apple† What you think about this is up to you, but it is not always clear. Which icon belongs to which app is sometimes guesswork. Fortunately, it is now possible to choose the list view, where you can clearly see the application icons and application names.

Huawei can also improve notifications. At the moment, the reports are mainly one-way traffic, because response is not possible. You see the app icon and message, but nothing more. So if you want to answer something, you really have to grab your smartphone, and you just want to leave it in your pocket or bag.

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Huawei Watch GT Runner

3. Bring the assistant to Holland too

Although the watch can handle the Huawei smart assistant, digestion dysfunctionThey are not equally beneficial for everyone. For example, you need a Huawei phone and it is sold very little in the Netherlands. In addition, Celia cannot be used in Dutch at the moment. Want to ask the assistant, make an appointment, or check something out? Then you have to work your best English and it feels weird.

Huawei Watch GT 3 review conclusion

Are you a runner or a fanatic athlete looking for an affordable smartwatch? You are making a great purchase with Huawei Watch GT Runner. A personal running coach offers many options and the watch is packed with hand-held sensors.

The battery life is good and all the information can be seen instantly on the beautiful screen or, of course, in the Huawei Health app. However, there is also a lot of work to be done for Huawei in the software field, as this is still a tricky point.

Buy Huawei Watch GT Runner

The Watch GT Runner has a suggested retail price of €299 and is available in two color combinations. Temporarily you will also receive a set Huawei Freebuds 4i And free shipping case of 79 euros. Looking for the best deal, check our Huawei Watch GT Runner price comparison