June 24, 2024

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Google shows a video of the Google Pixel 8 (Pro) and Pixel Watch 2

Google shows a video of the Google Pixel 8 (Pro) and Pixel Watch 2

We still have to wait a few weeks for the official unveiling of the two phones, but Google has now shown off the Pixel 8 (Pro) and Pixel Watch 2 in short teaser videos.

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The Google Pixel 8 video shows both models

Google will be holding an event on October 4th, where we’ll see all kinds of new hardware and software. We’re looking forward to this with bated breath, and the American manufacturer certainly knows that. The company has put several short teaser videos for its upcoming products online. In the video below, we see different details about the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

For example, we see the distinctive dual-camera strip on the Pixel 8 and a third sensor on the Pixel 8 Pro. The volume buttons, the video power button and the additional sensor below the flash can also be seen on the Pro model. Thanks to the previous information, we know that this is a temperature sensor.

The fronts of the smartphones are not shown, but both models are expected to have a flat screen. According to various models, Google is finally moving away from rounded screen edges on the Pro models, but that’s something we’ll definitely find out on October 4. The video shows the ceramic model of the Pixel 8 Pro and the light pink version of the regular Pixel 8.

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Pixel 2 watch: dust-resistant and water-resistant, with a distinctive design

Are you (also) looking forward to the Google Pixel Watch 2? The search giant has also put a short teaser video online for this. We immediately see the IP68 certification displayed, which makes the watch water and dust resistant. Integration with Fitbit is also clearly visible thanks to the recognizable dial.

The Digital Crown wheel is also present again. This allows you to scroll through menus and settings or make a specific selection. In terms of design, it is striking that a copy of the current Pixel Watch has been chosen. We again see a round display and a metal watch case and the straps can be changed quickly and easily.

A sneak peek at the Google Pixel Watch 2

Are you following all the Google news on October 4th?

Planet robot It will of course be ready on October 4 to report all the news that Google has to report. In addition to the new smartphones and smartwatch, we’ll finally hear more about Android 14 and its release.

We expect the devices to be on sale here as well, just like they did with the Pixel 7 series. However, it remains to be seen if the watch will be officially launched here, as the first Pixel Watch can only be purchased here via Gray Import.

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