June 21, 2024

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‘Greatest talent since Sam Deroo’: Ferre Reggers’ high potential makes Dragons dream against Poland |  Red Dragon

‘Greatest talent since Sam Deroo’: Ferre Reggers’ high potential makes Dragons dream against Poland | Red Dragon

He is only 20 years old, but is being widely explored by the leading nation of Poland. Ferre Reggers emerges as the main striker for the Red Dragons in this European Championship. Not surprising to anyone who follows his early career closely. The story of his sharp rise and high potential is what made Belgium dream of qualifying to the final 16.

It’s written in the stars that he’ll be taking over the Red Dragons sooner or later.

In the youth categories, Ferry Reijers has consistently won top scorer awards at the European Championships and World Cups. It was already clear that the upcoming talent would quickly earn his place at the highest level.

In this European Championship, the only 20-year-old main striker has proven his worth. With 27 points, he dominated his team before, during and after falling to Estonia towards the 1/8 finals.

“If it’s good, it’s really great,” says teammate Wout D’Heer, who hopes Reggers will also have a day like today.

Ferre Reggers continued to win personal titles in youth tournaments.

Searching for the sacred fire of volleyball

Speed: Typical of Reggers’ volleyball story. His career skyrocketed like a rocket.

Having gone to the Higher Sports School in Vilvoorde only in the fifth year of high school, Reggers raced in front of his peers. In terms of strength and technique, it sometimes seemed a bit easy.

Then his colleagues challenged him to raise his level. “If someone lures me out of my room, it gives me an extra dose of motivation,” Riggers laughs.

“Shit or moan, it doesn’t matter to me. All means are good for lighting the sacred fire.”

I seem quiet and I’m not a fan of table jumping, but be warned: I can come out with a bang.

Fairy Riggers

Although the spark of volleyball came by chance.

“One day, I just walked into a gym in Lübeck and saw some people playing volleyball. I was instantly sold,” says the main striker.

“But it took some convincing for him and his parents to move to the best sports school at U17 level,” adds Dominic Baines. It is a step that all parties did not regret afterward.

How could it be otherwise? As a young boy, he would spend his late evenings watching the Italian League. Because he was an introvert at the time, he never dared to dream of playing there. This summer – and with confidence boosted – he will move from Masiek to Milan.

“At first glance I look like a quiet boy and I’m not a fan of table jumping,” Riggers admits. “But be careful: I can come out strong.” We see the evidence again and again between the lines.

Ferre Reggers won the Dragons over the line against Estonia with his service and attack.

Ready for the next step

“He is on the radar of many European clubs, but he follows in the footsteps of Romelu Lukaku and Kevin Klinenberg.”

The fact that Ferre Reggers will be welcomed with open arms at Milan is clear from the club’s announcement. The Red Dragons would also like to see his move happen. “He’s totally ready for the next step,” they say in unison.

“He does not bear the heavy burden of being the main striker. He has had plenty of time to improve physically, technically and mentally,” says national team coach Emmanuel Zanini.

“For him to mature, his transfer doesn’t come too early, this is the right time. He ended up at Milan in an ideal environment to improve.”

Ferre Reggers is the greatest Belgian talent since Sam Deroo.

Jolan Cox

The national volleyball team can only be applauded for the fact that its main striker is getting better.

Other Dragons players can sympathize with the fact that moments of slumping – such as against Switzerland in the final group game – are still part of his style of play.

“He sometimes gives the impression of being young and reckless, but he really works at it and can seriously pack punches,” says D’Heer.

Jolan Cox also has no doubts about his young teammate’s potential. “You could say he’s the greatest Belgian talent since Sam Dero. He has all the physical capabilities and a good work ethic.”

Then Diro can confidently pass the baton to the next generation leader. But first they want to perform stunts together against Poland.

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Poland – Belgium live tonight on Sporza

At exactly nine o’clock in the evening, Belgium faces a difficult task in the European Volleyball Championship. In the 1/8 finals they will face vice world champions Poland.

Watch the match live on our app, through our website, and on the Ketnet channel. Broadcast starts at 8:50 p.m.

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