December 5, 2023

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Guitarist Gene Simmons swears with his hand on the Bible: “Kiss will really stop after the farewell tour” |  music

Guitarist Gene Simmons swears with his hand on the Bible: “Kiss will really stop after the farewell tour” | music

musicFans hoping rock band KISS would add a few more shows to their farewell tour can let go of that hope. Bassist Gene Simmons (74 years old) swears “with his hand on the Bible” in the music magazine “Rolling Stone” that the concert on December 2, 2023 will be his last.

The American rock musicians have been on their farewell tour since 2019 and have added several concerts several times. The final show is scheduled for December in New York, the place where it all began in 1973. According to Simmons, this is the band’s final end. “I say it here, with my hand on the Bible, this will be KISS’s last performance,” says the musician.

The guitarist isn’t emotional yet, but says he’s unlikely to be that way anytime soon. “When I was a kid, my nickname at school was Mr. Spock,” Simmons says, referring to the stoic character from “Star Trek.” “I was never much interested in emotions and things like that. I remember my Uncle George, whom I loved very much. I remember standing at his grave and feeling sad, but I didn’t cry. Tears don’t come to me easily.”

Over 50 years with son and grandson

However, it touches the guitarist to see the love from his fans. For example, Simmons thinks it’s nice to see “a guy over 50 who’s been following us since he was a kid” in the audience with his son and grandson. “And this little boy is making a hand sign, two fingers up and thumbs out, which actually means ‘I love you’ in sign language. And he sticks out his tongue too. That means something to me every time.”

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look. KISS member Gene Simmons became ill during the concert

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