May 26, 2024

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Halo Infinite will not include Co-op and Forge mode at release

Halo Infinite will not include Co-op and Forge mode at release

In a new development update video for Halo Infinite, 343 Industries announced that two beloved features will not be finalized in time for the game’s release. Accelerating the game together in co-op campaign and multiplayer map building in Forge mode will be missing when Halo Infinite comes out later this year. Unfortunately, to ensure the quality of the experience at launch, these two modes had to be delayed, the developer said.

The goal is to add a co-op campaign about three months after release, in Season 2. Forge is only planned for Season 3, which should be six months after release. 343 Industries finally decided not to delay the game any further to add these features. Instead, they are now focusing on finishing the base game as best they can, in the development phase they call it “Lockdown Mode”. They see Halo Infinite as a live game that never ends and so they think it’s appropriate to release these kinds of features later.

De Wacht is curious whether you agree with this, or whether you think the game should have been delayed longer for these standard Halo features? Meanwhile, Halo Infinite has completed its first multiplayer beta (technical review) to prepare the game for release sometime around the upcoming holidays.

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