July 25, 2024

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Hankow: “I felt that way in Feyenoord after a few weeks”

Hankow: “I felt that way in Feyenoord after a few weeks”

Dávid Hancko is a Feyenoord buy that easily adapts to coach Arne Slot’s squad. Along with Gernot Trauner, the Slovakian is making an impression at the back of the Rotterdam team. Partly because of his good play, Hancko became a crowd favorite at De Kuip.

“This appreciation is incredible,” 24-year-old Hankou says in conversation with General newspaper. “It’s hard for me to say about myself, but I think I was a player in Sparta Prague who did well in front of the fans. But it took me years to achieve that. I already felt that way in Feyenoord after a few weeks. I saw Feyenoord play against Slavia Prague. Last season, then I really felt that I could adapt to this club.”

Feyenoord and Sparta Prague did not quickly reach an agreement on the transfer fee. Fortunately, the Rotterdam team eventually persisted in the transfer market. “Negotiations about my move to Rotterdam took nine weeks and I followed the club closely during that time. I spoke to coach Arne Slot now and then and I already knew what to expect of me if I actually played at De Kuip. I saw that crowd angry at matches and thought: This is it where I belong.”

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Hanko is happy with Feyenoord’s coach. “Often he predicts in detail where we can find space with the opponents, because they put pressure in a certain way. Sometimes I think in this area: it is absolutely true, how is that possible? But this is not only the coach, keep in mind. Before every game, it is shown to the defenders Pictures of about six attackers, in short clips, from the video section. You watch it in a focused way and because of that you sometimes have a split-second advantage, because you know, for example, that the right Excelsior striker often turns to his right leg. And that the attacker likes to cut When he comes in the back line.”

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