April 15, 2024

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“He killed his neighbor”

Hundreds of angry people found him guilty without trial and decided to take brief justice: he entered his house and murdered him with sticks, stones and stones, and then set him on fire. He died like that Giorgio Scanu, An Italian lives for some time Honduras, Was brutally murdered by 600 people who blamed the death of his neighbor. The police explained that “an angry mob, sticks, stones and stones” in the Italian house in Santa Ana Deus in Southern Honduras, “with an angry mob, sticks, stones and stones”, and intervention “unable to prevent him”, and the local police explained, ” Tried to mediate, however, and took it: the Italians died at a local hospital after a brutal attack.

Giorgio Scanu, a brutal attack

A tragic story in which Furnessina acted following a case involving the Italian embassy in Guatemala in charge of the South American country. The 66-year-old Scanu originally from the province of Oristano, who lived for many years in the small town of Santa Questa, left at least 20 years ago, left alone without a wife and child, and later remarried to Honduras with two more children. During his time in Sardinia, some remember him as a footballer, in the 80s, for Miles football, the team of Miles, another small town in the Oristano area. Know those who knew him told me that he was a simple boy, always happy – city mayor Sergio Waka told Ansa that he never lived in Miles, but everyone remembers him fondly. What happened was horrible. Authorities said they had opened an investigation into Linking “to find those responsible”, while local media aired angry pictures of the mob entering the victim’s home.


Tegucigalpa’s El Heraldo newspaper reported that it had a chilling video, which it decided not to publish, showing all the stages of Scanu’s attack and assassination, as he tried to cover the backyard of his house with an oven. The pictures – the newspaper says – show the man bleeding and stumbling, begging for mercy, but in the end, if the crowd throws a big stone, he hits the ground lifeless. Some police officers who arrived at the scene tried to stop the attackers, but, in numbers, were only able to prevent them from entering the homes of others who had arrived in the meantime.

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Luca Attancio who he is. The soul of a missionary: “He fought for child soldiers”

The murder of Veronica de Nieto identified the man who killed a 30-year-old Latina man in San Francisco and set the apartment on fire.


Witnesses who heard from local newspapers said that Scanou, 74, was severely killed because he was responsible for the murder of his neighbor Juan de Dios Flores, who, according to some, had annoyed Italians with drugs. According to others, he had cut down a tree in his garden. Still others say the scan was filmed by surveillance cameras as they left the elderly man’s home. El Heraldo said Scanu had attacked a villager in the past, injuring a woman in his arms and damaging his garden. Whatever the reason that provoked it, Honduran shocked public opinion, was attacked by horrific images, and condemnation on social media was unanimous. Many criticized the inaction of the police in guaranteeing a fair investigation into the scandal if allegations of the neighbor’s death were established.