March 4, 2024

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He tugs and tugs like a weary prostitute

He tugs and tugs like a weary prostitute

What could it be: tempus fugit, no one is irreplaceable except Kevin De Bruyne, and maybe there is life after death. Triggerfinger was himself a horner in the TW Classic. Jeffrey Burton settled into a binding role, bowed his head and left the spotlight to Robin Block and the monster behind the pots and pans, Mario Goossens. There’s a jackhammer trying to track him down and pulls the plug herself fifteen minutes later.

“First Taste” and “Let It Ride” are still very exciting for the salonfähig promoter. “Short-Term Memory Love” featured Triggerfinger as a weary prostitute: pulling and pulling to make something out of him! If you suddenly felt something on your neck: it was just dirty, and it was pouring rain.

But the confidence and humility (“We all know why we’re here, we’d love to be your appetizer”) Triggerfinger rocked more and more. Until suddenly a pulse could be noticed in that great body called Werchter Prairie. “Flash Drive,” “On My Knees,” “Colossus,” and “Is It” were the blazing proofs: the earth is shaking, Triggerfinger is alive.

Exit Lange Polle, and into the Long Waiting: five more hours and then the sky will fall.

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