July 22, 2024

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Heat warning for 134 million Americans

Heat warning for 134 million Americans

An American man watches as fire crews put out the fire

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A heat warning is in effect for much of the United States. Roughly the entire southern half of the United States has a high of 35 degrees or a high of 40 degrees.

The National Weather Service is warning of a “dangerous, record-setting heat wave.” 134 million Americans are currently on alert. This is 40 percent of the 335 million people.

Meteorologists expect the temperature to rise further. After the weekend, temperatures could even rise to 47 or 48 degrees. Especially in the western part of the country, the extreme heat will continue for at least another week and spread to the northwest.

Very serious and dangerous

The National Weather Service is calling conditions extremely dangerous as the heat lingers longer and nights bring little relief. In the south-east of the country, the humidity is also high, making it very difficult to lose body heat. While temperatures are unlikely to break records, this heat wave will often be more severe and dangerous than ever before, a climate scientist tells the AP.

Northern California is currently experiencing massive wildfires due to heat and wind. About 28,000 people have been evacuated or are expected to do so. Wildfires are not uncommon in California; Even people talk about one Fire season, which runs through October. But with already bone-dry soil and heavily charred vegetation, future fires will spread even more easily.

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