May 28, 2024

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“Hell, don’t take a vacation abroad”

A British hairdresser was trapped for several days Isolation A Govt Hotel d Ibiza He bluntly defined it as “hell.” He tested positive during his vacations on Balearic Island Spain. Kimberly McLeam, 28, of Neilston, East Renfrushire, has decided to share her experience to encourage those thinking of going abroad to think twice about turning her long weekend in the sun into a real one.

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Isolation in Ibiza: “It’s Hell”

The woman is halfway through her 10-day solitary confinement in a hotel and will have to stay there for 10 days. Glasgow Live reports that Kimberly McLean will have to undergo a mandatory test before returning home, as Ibiza is on the UK amber list. Time If I could go back in time, I would tell myself ‘don’t leave’ She admitted that I left for Ibiza to stay there for five days, but I would have to stay longer. After that I have to arrange an air house and isolate myself at home for another ten days, ”the woman added, insisting she had not yet been vaccinated.

Mykonos, curfew order until 6am: No music in clubs

Positive on holidays

In addition to the inconvenience of positivity and isolation, this forced suspension would make his work activities extremely difficult. “This story has a huge impact on my work. I have to cancel appointments from booked clients when I return. This short trip has become a nightmare. People need to be careful and now understand how dangerous foreign travel can be.”

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Isolation even on return

The Spanish government runs the La Noria Hotel in Kimberley Prison. Ibiza was short on the green travel list, but, fifteen days later, it was relocated to Amber City, and thousands of tourists like that woman are currently stranded. The young woman had booked her last-minute vacation to meet friends. Before going home, the young woman became obligated to wear a cloth, which tested positive. So, the infection happened on the island, where he had fun for five days before the positive test. “This is a great holiday until I test positive.” The day before the flight home, he went to a nearby clinic for a check-up to return to Great Britain. From that moment his dream began.

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