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Hermann Brusselmanns on the birth of his son Roman: “No smoking for 11 hours, that was disappointing” |  BV

Hermann Brusselmanns on the birth of his son Roman: “No smoking for 11 hours, that was disappointing” | BV

BV65 years old and became a father for the first time. On Wednesday, Hermann Brusselmanns became the father of his son: Roman. in Humo interview The author tells more about how exactly the birth took place. “Lena is exhausted, but very happy.”

look. Hermann Brusselmans became the father of Roman’s son.

“My sons, Roman and Lena, are doing well,” Brusselmans assured our editors on Wednesday. The 65-year-old author revealed a few more details. For example, Lena gave birth very early. Normally, Hermann’s girlfriend, who is 34 years her junior, would have been due in March, but since Lena had preeclampsia, she was eventually induced. And so Roman came into the world on February 22nd. “With a weight of 2.87 kilograms, it may be a little small, but it is very cute and beautiful,” it sounds proudly.

No epidural

Lena herself is also doing well. “Of course it is stressful—such a labor of labor—but it is also very happy,” it sounds in “Humo.” According to Brusselmans, his girlfriend was very afraid of giving birth beforehand. However, her fears turned out to be unfounded. “She did a good job — it was done in a good six hours. Without an epidural.” How did Brusselman himself experience the birth of his son? “Yesterday at the hospital I went 11 straight hours without smoking for the first time since I was a teenager, and honestly I was so disappointed.”

In July last year it was announced that Lena was pregnant. The two have been a couple since 2016 and have been living together for quite some time. Hermann and Lena also did not hide their desire to have children. “My first wife did not become pregnant, and the second wife firmly does not want children. But Lena is much younger and would like to become a mother. And, to be honest, I would like that too, “Brusselmans told radio station Go three years ago. In the end, the author himself announced the good news in his column in “Humo.” Shortly afterwards, Hermann confirmed in a reply to Het Laatste Nieuws that Lena was indeed pregnant. “It’s about two months into pregnancy right now, so we’re a little cautious. It can still go wrong. But Lena and I are very happy.”

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You can read the full interview with Herman Brusselmans Homo.

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